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i suck at drawing how can i get better? Answered

because i dont want to ask my friends to draw me every little thing i ask



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While telling you to practice is the obvious and best advice, you also need to retrain your brain in how it sees things. You look at objects differently when you are drawing. Pay attention to the way light plays across the object's surfaces. How does it reflect light? There is reflected light even in shadows. What colors are in the shadows? How does the light and color intensity change?

Before you start drawing just take some time and really look at what is in front of you. You will be really surprised at what you never noticed before.

There's that classic book, " Drawing on the Left side of the brain" which helped me quite a bit.


 It's actually called Drawing on the Right Side of Your Brain - it's terrific.

The book clearly hasn't helped my memory cells :-)

Practice makes perfect.

If you need drawings for building stuff, I'd suggest that you find a CAD, or "Computer Aided Design"  program.

For manual drawing...that's kinda tough. Some of us just aren't suited to drawing straight lines and circles without making a mess of it. I have little capabilities in that area myself, although I can draw *some trees and faces, even if they don't look perfect.

Practice makes a difference. The more you draw, the better you'll get, to the limits of your natural abilities.

Practice.  Buy a book on how to draw.  Practice.  Take an art class.  Practice.  Look at the instructables on how to draw.  Practice. Try this link.  Practice.

Did you remember to mention that he ought to practice?

You could try laying tracing paper over existing images, including photos, and drawing on that.

I like the tracing paper idea.