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i tried to get past a proxy on my school computer but only they can reach connection settings, is there any other way? Answered

i followed the steps to change the settings and get past the proxy but only the teachers can so what should i do. can i try another way or something i want to reach pandora.com


That is not the kind of question we answer here (as a simple search would have found).

The computers at your school are for your education, and the way they restrict access to parts of the Internet is for your protection.

Talk to your schools IT department, find out why Pandora is blocked (I'm guessing bandwidth) and you may be able get them to make an exception for that site. Sometimes sites get accidentally blocked when the software is installed.
The problem with bypassing all of the security is that, even though you may only want to go to Pandora, you, and anyone who uses the computer after you, have the ability to get to other, worse, sites that could expose the schools system to viruses or other harm. I'm guessing that, even if you were just on Pandora, it would be viewed much worse. Sort of like if you brought a weapon to school, you may not intend to use it but the possibility is there.
Also, even if you did get past the filters and blocks the tracking software would immediately notify someone that a restricted site had been accessed and if you have to log in they will know who did it and where you are.

You can try asking the teacher to open up access to the site. Beyond that there is nothing more you can or should do. Don't try to bypass your schools network settings. If caught doing so you could be suspended and possibly face computer hacking charges.