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i ve 3 old black and white dead mobiles can i make use of them by modification? Answered

i ve 3 mobiles
nokia 1600
sony ericssion w830i
nokia (basic b/w model)
they are not working. but i dont want to throw them in dustbin.
plz suggest me how can i make use of them (in any manner)



Jack A Lopez

7 years ago

I've always sort of wondered about these mobile phones. In order for the phone to function as a phone, it must access a radio receiver, and also radio transmitter, these being located somewhere within the body of the phone. Is it possible to access these receiver and transmitter components in primitive ways?

E.g. is it possible to run the receiver module as a scanner? i.e. have it just hop from one channel to the next until it finds a signal, and then have it decode and send that signal to the speaker, so that you could listen in on other, random, people's conversations.

Or supposing you could access the transmitter module, and just have it transmit noise on a channel. Or maybe have the receiver scan for a channel being used, and then send noise on that channel.  The purpose of this being to jam other mobile phones being used nearby.

Anyway those ideas are probably the most exotic, illegal, dangerous...  At the same time those ideas are going to be the most technically challenging.  In fact that sort of thing might be, so challenging, that it darn near cannot be done.  And perhaps for this reason, the network maintainers don't even worry about anyone doing these things.

Actually any reverse-designing with cell phone parts is going to be tricky, just because the parts are so darned small!   And also because documentation is likely scarce.

For example, every so often this forum gets a question about, how can I rewire and repurpose the display from an old phone, or mp3 player, digital picture frame, etc, as a display for something else, and the answer is always, "nobody knows".  Where do you find the documentation?  How do you solder new wires to the tiny, tiny, little pins?  With what signal and timing do you drive the little pins?  Is it worth the effort compared to just buying a display, that comes with documentation, and pins big enough for human hands to solder to?

I mean it'd be neat if you could just use even a simple component, like say, the battery,  and its charger, to do something useful, like power a flashlight or something.  In fact that's probably the easiest possible hack, assuming your old phone still has a good battery.  Also assuming the phone manufacturer has not locked-out via software out every function, including battery charging, for an unsubscribed phone. 

That's one of the chiefly annoying things about mobile phones is that everything is controlled by software, and the manufacturer typically does not want you having any fun whatsoever with a phone you're not paying for.


7 years ago

Since they are dead and not very easily repaired they make great paper weights.