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i wan to connect microcontroller with gsm cards which should extract information present in microcontroller Answered

this extracted information should be transformed to a specified mobile no?specify the techniques pls


You'll need to clarify the question. You want to send data from a microcontroller to a phone? What sort of data? Is it long range? If it's short range you can use Bluetooth very easily and cheaply. Is the microcontroller stationary? If it's somewhere you can plug it into a Ethernet cord then you can use a web interface and access the data from any device or computer that can get on the internet.

actually the lattitute and longitude present in gps will transformed to a microcontroller from which the extracted data should be send to a mobile no what we are specifying .this is the concept specify the techniques available for it?

It still depends on if it is long rang or not. Is the phone going to be within 25-50m of the microcontroller or is it going to be far away? Does the phone have internet access? Can the microcontroller be placed somewhere it can be plugged into the internet?

What are you using this for?