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i wana make night vision with a old camera Answered

i have its the polaroid photomax fun flash but i put in the batteries to test it out and it doesnt seem to work i really just wasnt the screen from it but idont know if its shot or not i could prolly find a better actual lens tube for the picture but i would rather use the smaller screen cause my other option is a samsung sync screen which is huge and would be used by 2 instead of one eye? u have any ideas on how to just utilize the scren or something.it has one ribbon and to litlle tiny wires coming out of a box its really tight.



all i can say is to use infared leds because they are invisible to humans but cameras can see them and make sure they are high powered then you want to get about 15 for about 20 feet hook em all up and it would probably work

lets see there are isructions on how to do it ill find out the web site ill tell u lter but try uing the wires from a night vision camera that will do the trick