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i want a solar powered battery which can store the energy for a long time- 1 day and it shud b fitted into an garment.? Answered

actually...i want one solar powered battery that can store the sun energy for a longer time.and can b later used.example:- like in the hillly regions..u dnt get power supply , so u can charge while downhill and use it when we can to hilly regions...ie it wnt b able to give sufficient solar energy...in that case i need one...and it shud b fitted into the garment.


depending on the amount of power you need, you should either get an RC car battey, or a full sized Car battery then you will need a solar panel

it depends what your running the battery on if you want to last it a day. But an RC boat battery would last long and becuase there rechargable you can plug in in to a little solar panel.