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i want a system in my house which can water my plants automatically once a day! Answered

so where can i find the apparatus needed and their circuits if possible? cos I'm very new to all this and any help will be really appreciated!!! hope to hear from you people out there soon!!!
 cheers!!! ;D



Depending where in the world you are you can buy a timer for just this purpose.

Something like this may work for you it will need a bit of experimentation.


Or this might work based on a popular water feature in the UK.
the can needs to be balanced so it tips back when empty.

the dripping tap will eventually fill it to the point where it tips forward and dumps the water into the tray to water the plants.

dripping tsp.jpg

6 years ago

A well trained monkey would work. Also a hungry motivated teenager. Not that they are interchangeable but both will work for food. The monkey might prove to be more reliable but the teenager usually will not throw poo.

Never seen the teenagers round here have you!