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i want arduino program for 1 stepper motor unipolar turns 9hour and then retoure the intial state is wait 14 hour Answered

 I am a student my project   track solar my problem . Arduino program for 1 stepper motor unipolar turns 9 hour (7 am to 16am) and then retoure the initial state is wait 14 hour (16am to 7am) ( my motor 12 v 7.5 degre ) but i  want  15 degre each one hour  )


this not cheats !! just help bcs i no found any one help me and thank

All you need is a stepper motor driver program, there are loads out there. We will NOT do your student project for you. We don't help cheats.

pls iwant just arduino program help me and thank you

Me, I'd put a photocell on it, and when its dark, then reset. No need for a timer at all.


3 years ago

As Steve suggests, place these photocells on a motor controlled shadow frame (see_pic) then simply turn toward the brighter cell.


And a stepper motor driver for sun tracking.


my projet without ldr just arduino programm

Here is an easy analog circuit for tracking the sun with a DC motor where I modified it to keep the motor from jittering with variable cloud cover. You may need to alter R6 and R7 to change the hysteresis ie dead op-amp zone. Rv1is the balance for component tolerance build up..


#rickharris is realy i want just program (exemple my simple program but i my problem how the track moves each 1 hour 15 degrees (7:00 at 06:00 pm) every day and 6:00 p.m. returns to initial state this is my problem ) and thank u

this prog with lcd


thank u very much i want just arduino program and my track without ldr just program

What is 16am and 14am. You trying to refere to a 24 hour clock. If so then it's 1600 (4PM) and 1400 (2PM).

Your idea is flawed. Using the Arduino to track time and start the movement based on that will not be an effective solar tracking system. You'll want to use LDRs to detect the light. So as it has the sun light hit it it activates the motor to move the LDR out of the light and keep the panel in the light. Then have a micro switch at teh end of the tracker's movement to trigger the reset reversing the motor and sending it back to the start position waiting for the first rays of light to hit the LDR again and activate the rotation. No timings needed, and no loss in efficiency due to tracking the sky with the sun ahead or behind the system due to changing sun rise and sun set times. Also more power efficient since it's only moving the panels as needed. Thought he system may stay inactive during cloudy days.

As I understand you want an Arduino to move a stepper motor to track the sun between 9 am and 4 pm and then return to the 9 am setting?

Is this right?

I respect students as I am a teacher BUT your asking us to do your work for you. A BIG part of learning is trying, failing, understanding why and then trying again until you succeed.

You need to:

a) tell us what you have already done.

b) Ask specific questions to help YOU achieve your results.

Just how much effort did YOU put in on this?

A quick google search shows several Arduino sun tracker projects on the web.

pls i wait your reply and thx