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i want make cell phone operated land rover. how to connect mobile with dtmf decoder?i ? i have a nokia1650 mobile? Answered


You won't like what you get.  You won't have proportional steering and you really need that.

You'll have to use an r/c car transmitter and receiver.  Mythbusters have installed receiver and servos to control a full sized car several times.

Surely not a full size Landy ? 

Reminds me of my dads series 2 , We've sold it now but what a ride it was (you just had to hope it didnt rain or else you would get very wet!

My 101FC, on original bar-grips required a complete change of underwear after driving on wet roads.

Im not sure but id imahgine it would be easier to put a laptop in the land rover which controls the motors etc (that way you get variable speeds too) and add a 3g and wireless dongle so you can control it from anywhere in the world using a 3g enabled phone (you would havbe to interfacve it to the web though)