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i want small size 3000 rpm motor capable of running with a battery? Answered

what size of battery is required for it 
capacity of battery 
what could be possible max weight of battery



5 years ago

rpm mean nothing without knowing how much power it will use. You can run different motors at 3krpm at 1 volt or 300 volts. Battery voltage will be based on the motor requirements.

Is this going to be like a dremmel? will it power a wheelchair? These can run at the same rpm (at the motor spindle) but use vastly different amounts of power. (Watts or Amps)

As for capacity of battery...How long does it need to run? A given 'x' voltage battery can come in virtually any capacity. My 3.7 volt cel phone battery is significantly bigger than my old phone's 3.7 volt battery, measured in mAh - milli-amp-hours. Bigger battery = heavier = more expensive = longer run time for a given equal load.


Answer 5 years ago

than q MR frollard
for clearing a part dust in question
actually i am planing to run cutting blade which weights approx of 350-500 gm (for worst case) so i need good torque and rechargeable battery for capable running for at max of 2-3 hrs


Answer 5 years ago


What kind of load will this need to carry? A small hobby sized motor that is capable of running at 3000 RPM won't get there if it's trying to move a heavy weight. While trying to move that weight it will draw much more power then it would if it had no load.