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i want to build a 8 sec electric drag bike what kind of amps volts will i need to get approx 400 bhp? Answered


The Killocycle holds the speed record for electric uses 990 lithium cells, 375 volts and 1500 amps according to the info I could find.

I remember an electric drag bike that ran a 20 amp motor and 8 marine deep discharge batterys !!

6 seconds and 180mph thru th' 1/4 mile ,  it had to be pushed or carried back and could not run again till th' batterys were replaced as th' 1st set were complety exhausted !!

This is ~300Kw, for 8 seconds 2.4MJ. Similar to other comments, at 24V you'd need a stupid amount of current, even at 1000V (dangerous) you'd still need 300A.
This is why drag vehicles use liquid fuels like petroleum, e.g. you'd only need ~50-100ml gasoline to produce the same amount of energy.


I think the drag of the extension cord will take off about 100 hp.  So it'll need to be 500 bhp to get 8 sec.