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i want to build a amplifier can i use any of my chips ? Answered

i have several ic chips/transisters and need to find out if they can be used as a amps(la7840,stk392-110,d2586,f6629b,7805a,c5681,bau33t,se115,pqo5rf21,m62501p,ta1316an,m514265e-60j,fn521,d3sba60,mqg2f,lf25cv,7812a,str3130,tda8174a,2sk2771,7809a,pq09rf21,pq6rd083,mn102h51khc,tab200ah,3090f) can these be used to make a amp together or separate and if so where can i obtain a scematic to build from.thanks for any help?




2 years ago

Audio amplifier, Bat sound frequency reducer, Video amplifier, sound amplifier,

EMG or what kind of amplifier ?


2 years ago

You can probably make most/any of those parts into crude amps if you're determined enough. MOSFETs, BJT transistors, even some comparators, regulators, and miscellaneous ICs can be wired in just the right ways to get an amplified signal output.

Regulators for instance, if you disconnect the 'ground' pin from ground and instead wire it as the input, the output will have greatly enhanced low-frequency and DC current gain. You might even be able to get voltage gain wiring one up right.

If the datasheet or application note for XXX part does not state or show how to use the device to make an amplifier, then the realistic answer is NO, and even if you could, why waste the time trying? Even if you were successful, you'ld be in unknown territory and debugging any problems you could run into down the road is entirely on you.


2 years ago

At a quick look no. However a few hours spent in front of google entering chip numbers and recording what they are will serve you well in the future.

1. Good audio amplifiers are cheap to buy on Amazon or ebay

2. IF you really want to build your self put audio amplifier circuits into google you will get 1000's of images of circuits of all kinds.

3. the ruby amp is a nice beginners small amplifier. - Google it.

Josehf Murchison

2 years ago

I'm not going to check everything but from a glance I would say not much.

At a glance I can see voltage regulators, 7805, 7809, and 7812, are voltage regulators that fix the voltage at 5 volts, 9 volts, and 12 volts.

STR3130 is an adjustable voltage regulator.

2SK2771 is an N type power mosfet.

Go to these sights for datasheets on your ICs:



You are missing parts of the part numbers.

d2586 could be 2SD2586 (NPN Transistor)and c5681 could be DAC5681 (Digital-To-Analog Converter).

PM me your Email and I can send you a semiconductor prefix list in MSWord.