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i want to connect speaker wire to a headphone jack (from headphones) for a project i am doing is this possible? Answered

i need to know if it is possible to connect normal speaker wire to  the wire from headphones so that the normal speaker wire has the jack on the end, i have searched for hours on the internet but can't find anything :( if anyone is able to help i would really appreciate it :)    thankyou


Yes you can - have you got a soldering iron & a knife?


I'd recommend headphone output to amplifier to speakers. (Or use amplified speakers such as those intended for PCs.)

Well, it all depends on whether you realize that you can't just hook up your headphone output to bookshelf or larger unpowered speakers, since their load is far to heavy for the headphone amplifier to drive and may result in permanent damage to the amplifier.

Otherwise, you just purchase the right connector for the headphone jack (common sizes are 1.2 or 1.3 mm, (can't quite recall off hand),  2.1 mm, 1/8", and 1/4" "Phono" plugs, and most are available both as complete "cablesets" (a term used to mean a prefabricated cable with one or more connectors connected) and just the plug.  They're avaiable at radio shack and hundreds of other shops in brick and online.

One then either uses the cableset or connects the end-use wire by soldering it to the connector at the prescribed points (lookup "1/4 connector wiring". See if you can find both mono and stereo connection pictures/schematics/tables/whatever  just so you know the difference.

and....one more little thing, the same kinda goes the other way. Hooking up your headphones to the normal speaker outputs may result in permanent damage to the headphones if turned up to loud.

Oh shoot. one other small thing.

The Largest wire you can use MUST be small enough to be able to be soldered onto the connector if you just use a connector...when coneccting smaller feeds to a larger cable, I would tend to use a "pigtail cableset", or a "prefabricated connector with a short run of small gauge wire at the end" (see why I said pigtail?),  that has short lengths ~6 inches of the individual wires, which I can then strip, j-hook, sleeved with the various shrink wraps that will be necessary where it will not interfer with the soldering operation, and then solder to the larger wire, finishing with individual junction and then a bulk shrink wrap by slipping the section up one at a time and heating them briefly.