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i want to control 5 common anode RGB led's with my arduino, i want them to fade throgh the color spectrum amy thoughts? Answered

I have 5 common anode RGB led's, which i am building into a lamp setup for a present. as well as controlling them with my arduino, I would like the ability to manually adjust the color, my budget is 50 dollars, and i have 2 weeks to complete this project. i would really appreciate the help.




8 years ago

the arduino has pwm outputs on i believe 3 channels... you could hook all of the leds on a protoboard, hooked into parallel to the pwm outputs.... reply if you need help... i might have some code somewhere... or you could order 5 blinkm leds. You program these on the arduino with a gui enviroment. After you disconnect them, you can hook them up to 5volts, and they flash/blink whatever pattern that you program to do. theyre like 12 bucks a piece though....

alright, thanks! im going to be on the look out for some code, im not experieced enough yet with micro controllers to write code myself. i will do more research.

yup, its on the 'analog output' section - deadly easy. Be advised though, the arduino can't put out enough current to run all the leds in parallel - you'll need to use a transistor - which there are also circuit diagrams for that as well.