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i want to convert DC to AC supply.and i want the circuit please help!!!!? Answered

i have a dc 6 volts, which i want to convert to AC, so that i can power my plastic core transformer. and also i need an amplifier circuit. PLEASE HELP!!!



Depending on how picky your equipment you want to power you may need a pure sine wave inverter or a Modified sine wave inverter rather than a square wave inverter.
You should check out my Modified Sine Wave Signal Generator.
It shows the basic circuit for power boosting as well as it shows how to build the signal circuit.

If you dont have a oscillator power a DC motor then conect it to a AC generator like the motor will turn the generator

What do you want to do with this in the end - what are you making? The 6VDC may not be your best option. L

To convert DC to AC, you use it to power an oscillator. The resulting pulsed DC can be though of as AC with a DC offset, and can be put through a transformer. Depending on why you're doing this, the keywords to look for are either "inverter" or "DC to DC converter". Standard reminder: There's no free lunch here. The power you get out is going to be no greater than the power you put in (minus losses for inefficiency). If a transformer steps the voltage up from 6VAC to 120VAC, the available current will be nor more than 1/20'th of that which was available from the 6V circuit. (Power, measured in watts, is volts times amps.) Also remember that an amplifier circuit lets a smaller signal control a larger one -- but you need to have sufficient power to drive the larger one. Depending on what problem you're trying to solve, it might make more sense to stay with 6V at higher amps.