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i want to convert my sewing machine motor to a dc motor as i need that motor to run my rc car!!;)can you plz assist? Answered

I wanna make a big size rc car that can run really fast!i've learnt how to convert an ac motor to a dc motor but this sewing machine motor has got a 3 pin input with a connected speed controller!i wanna know how to convert this motor to a dc motor so that i can use Li-ion or lead acid battery.but the speed controller is not necessary i just wanna mount the motor on the chassis of my rc car.I dunno if this idea is good but i really wanna try doing this to make my rc car!please help me convert my motor to a dc motor!



you are thinking on a right way because almost all sewing machine motors are universal motors which can be used in dc and ac supply.But the problem was that the torque that you need is not sufficient when the motor connected to the 12v battery.In the case of 110v motor you have to give min of 50v to get a better torque as you need.best of luck.


5 years ago

Have you considered a small block Chevy V-8?
A 327 c.i.d. will roar!!

Without wishing to sound stupid isn't the sewing machine run from the mains supply??

If so your not going very far trailing a cable.

Sewing machine motors are big and heavy. You're going to need a pretty big and beefy chassis to handle the weight.

Check the machine. The motor may already be a DC motor. If you don't have a speed controller for the motor how are you going to use it? Without the speed controller the motor will either be on or it won't so you'll have no control over your RC.

BTW don't expect the motor controller on the RC to be able to handle that larger motor.

I wanna, I wanna. Makes you sound like you're about 8 years old.