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i want to do somthing really cool with a computer that my bf doesn't know about, can someone teach me somehting cool? Answered

i want  to schow him up. he's going to college to be a network manager and i can't stand it when he tells me things he thinks everybody knows.
i just want one little program or button i can push that will impress even him. any ideas?
like maybe shut down his screen or make his computer beep or somehting.
lol i know this sounds sunb but i have nothing else to do with my time.


here is a good one. Go on his computer and hold ctrl,shift and esc
at the same time and hold.

The longer you hold the more task mangers will come up!

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I know a fun trick, Turn his sticky keys on (hit shift for 5 seconds) then turn his speakers up ALL THE WAY. When he hits shift it will go BEEP! (make sure to do it while hes typing a document, and gets up to get something)

Erase the MBR...
OK to be serious, when the thing is starting up early on you'll see a message like "hit delete to enter setup" (shortly after you switch it on and it goes beep!). Do what ever it says, and you'll be able to mess with the BIOS settings. Underclock it so it runs slow - He'll probably not suspect that you did that, so be perplexed as to why it's running slow.
You want to find clock speeds in MHz, CPU multipliers etc and make them smaller. There is potential to stop the thing working, then you'd have to admit you were messing with stuff you didn't understand... but it's really easy & quick to do if you can figure out what to do (which isn't that hard)


Some computers boot up before their screens are warmed up enough to see the BIOS entry invitation.

You mean those annoying laptops with passwords and stuff?


The ones that are so fast that the time it takes for the monitor to turn on is a little longer than the amount of time the "press del to enter setup" notice is (supposedly) shown. I had a computer where you had to guess which button to mash while the monitor was doing its own thing. It turned out to be F12, the sixth button we tried.

You might also let him know how it makes you feel when he does that.

you might want to look around in instructables i know there was one that was more of a prank which is kinda what you are looking for Ummmm I
will see if I can find it you might want to comment on my orangeboard so I remember my job is pretty consuming