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i want to know about image processing ?where can i use this application? i it helpful in robotics? Answered


Since you asked about robotics, I am assuming that you are looking at computer vision applications. Download the source code for OpenCV (http://opencv.willowgarage.com/wiki/) and start going through the source code.

Your question is vague and difficult to understand, but I still have a vague idea about what you want.
What do you have already?


Image processing is a huge field, since it covers just about anything you might want to do with an image from artistic manipulations to data analysis and extraction to compression to simply transferring it from one place to another. Some forms of image processing are useful for some kinds of robotics.

Unless you have a more specific question, all I can suggest is that you do more research on your own until you have figured out what you actually want to do.

Image processing? Can you expound on that statement/question? I do a lot of image processing but it's the images that are in my camera.