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i want to know how to get around school blocks? there is getusin.com but or school blocked it i want to know another.? Answered

help me find away:)



. This question gets asked quite often and the answer is nearly always some form of "There's a reason the blocks are there. If you want them removed, contact your school administrators. Now go study your lessons."

I would agree there.
Having a background in network security I can assure you that if you have a genuine need to access a particular site then your network administrators can arrange it.
If as I suspect you are more interested in facebook, twitter, myspace etc then to tell the truth if your spelling & grammar are anything to judge by I think you should forget the internet & concentrate on learning while you have the chance.

Yeah try telling that to our schools network security people. I was doing a research paper on Gottlieb Daimler and found a biography on him, but it was in German. I needed to use a translator to translate it, but couldn't use any, because they were all blocked. I contacted the network security people and they told me they wouldn't unblock them. They were no help at all and I ended up eventually finding one that they had missed. Also, they blocked a medical .org sites for "weapons and firearms" or some other bs.

I have very good reason to believe it. I used to run a tech support department for a large network integration company & I was the guy you would have to ask if a blocked site was causing a problem for the business.
You will note I said "genuine need to access a particular site".
I can see no reason at all why you would need to translate a German site for information about such a well documented figure from motoring history.
I just did a general search on Gottlieb Daimler and found dozens of sites in English which would give you just as much information.
You couldn't possibly have known that the German site gave better information as if you could read it yourself you wouldn't have needed the translation would you?
I can however think of at least one very good reason why translation sites would be blocked on a school network, namely that schools teach languages & translation sites would doubtless be abused by some less scrupulous students.
I'm afraid your reasoning is flawed; if you had been looking for information on a little know figure who had only scant coverage on English language sites then you may have had a case for temporary and controlled access to a translation site but for Gottlieb Daimler I would have turned you down too.
As for the medical site I'm afraid you would have to speak to the school about their reasons for blocking it

Oh I'm sorry I forgot that german government sites are not good references. I had to use .org and .gov sites for references. Yeah, maybe most students would abuse that, but not me.

Oh, and Away is off in that direction, pretty far.

The easiest way to get around a school's block is by walking. First north, then west, then south, then east, and probably north again. That way you don't have to cross any streets.

Work hard, pass all your exams, and then get a job as a school network administrator.