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i want to know how to make a Twitter page for a website, blog, or business Answered

just what it says above, how do i make a page for a blog. i see twitter pages for business's, blogs, and websites all the time, and now i want to make one; how do i do it?


Just open a twitter account, and you get a page.

Vis: twitter.com/#!/KitemanX

In "settings", you can choose from a selection of designs, or upload your own background.

i already have a twitter account for personal use. so are you saying that i need to open up a NEW Twitter account in the name of my blog?

I have little patience with Twits (that is the correct term for Twitter users, right?).

I don't think there is a polite-sounding single-word title, thanks to the damned silly name.

I think the term is "micro-bloggers".

i think the terms, is "Tweeters" but i'm not entirely sure, and btw, this is a q&a thread, not an argument forum