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i want to know how to make super cheap wall art Answered

my wall is so blank and my wallet is so empty...what do i do?


It dosnt just blow it up, it makes the whole image into dots, go to the site and look at some after shots.

Well everyone here suggests "Computer art" but we can't gravitate around computers all the time, well I'm sure we can but let's set that sweaty mouse down for a while hmm? Try making a col age (How do you spell that?). Take bits of magazine or newspaper or whatever the hell you want, yes......even print things out sigh. Be creative and yea, use the search pal, it will help you well.

Common people! Super cheap! Throw Leftovers!


11 years ago

borrow an overhead projector, get some cool graphics from the web and print it on acetate. Project it on the wall and then paint it on the wall. Alternatively use a PC and projector.

if you take foam core (poster board but thicker) you can cut it up into different sizes of squares and rectangels and then cover them in different faberics with double stick tape and hang those up in a fun layout

yeah the rasterbator is AMAZING... i've done a few of them and they are always CHEAP and you can spice them up by colored paper, frames...

Search for some sort of high resolution 'map' of the universe. National Geographic has the one I have. I would send it but it's pretty huge. I'm sure it will catch your eye everyday if you are as nerdy as most 'instructiblers'.

how about search? I got 94 hits searching for "wall art" looking only at Instructables ;)