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i want to know power supply requirement of 27 led's in parallel Answered

i am making a 3x3x3 led cube that would b always on(lit up),
in such a way that 27 led's will be in parallel,
so i want to know how much voltage & current should i give to it.

how much voltage & current is requied for 64 led's in parallel ?


I know this website www.vozop.com

They get good LED controller and Power supplier at low price. And they are good at the suggestion.

Thanx for the replys i will try it

Some sort of series/parallel array is likely your best option. The link mpilchfamily provided is an excellent tool.

First of all you need to know the forward voltage required for the LEDs as well as how many mA they need. Often you can design the wiring of the LEDs based on what power supply you have available. Take all that information and plug it into this LED Calculator. It will then give you a couple of different wiring options. You should be able to wire the LEDs up to a power source of 5V or more. Its just a matter of setting it up in the right array and finding the right resistors. 

What other parameters do you think you need to tell us ?