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i want to make a cooler for my laptop n i want to operate by attaching it to usb port, PLZ guide me with the circuit? Answered

I am willing of making a cooler out of 12V DC fans. but how could i be able to operate it with connecting directly to the usb port as it gives only 5 V.....plz plz guide me in the write path to make it done. Thankx



Best Answer 8 years ago

THere is not an easy way to run a 12 volt fan off the usb 5volts.  You need a dc to dc converter.  They are less efficient so you will use more power from your battery.  Trust me, you don't want to use more power from your battery.  Try finding hi-efficiency 5 volt fans.  You can draw 5 volts from the outside pins of the usb port.  That way you are not using too much power. 

If you're just trying to cool it down so it doesn't heat your lap then just use a couple pieces of foam core or thing plywood as a heat shield.  I bought a laptop cooler and found that I didn't need the fans just the separation.  The laptop cooled itself just find and the separation doesn't heat my lap anymore.

The laptop should be able to look after it's self, but if it's crappy, badly designed and constructed, consider a stand first:


.  You should be able to get adequate cooling using a small 5V "booster" fan. If you need more extra cooling than that, you need to find out why and fix it.