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i want to make a robot for intercollege championship,can you give the steps ? Answered



Read the rules.
Design the robot.
Purchase and fabricate the parts.
Build the robot.
Test the robot.
Improve the robot.
Test and improve until contest time.
Bring home trophy.
Carry trophy around to impress girls/guys.
Live happily ever after.

You don't think a robotics contest trophy would impress the girls.  The football guys don't seem to have any trouble using their trophies.

The girls ARE the football guys' trophies, and they appear to be used rather frequently.  This includes use in the pursuit to obtain more girls/trophies.

Sad but true - all trophies are not created equal in the eyes of the general populace.... But then again, the girls who are impressed by robotics trophies are rare and wonderful creatures indeed.

Agreed.  They're like unicorns.  If you find one, hold on to her!

About the only thing cooler than a girl who appreciates robotics trophies is a girl who has won a few of her own.

You should probably tell us more about it. What championship is it? What are the rules and limits for entries?

It's not likely anyone will give you steps on how to build a robot, but if you include more information someone's sure to give you a push in the right direction.

Have you tried searching "Robot" in the instructables search bar?

At least it makes a change from solar powered boats.

That said, I had some nice PMs from a couple of the teams I made helpful comments to.

Fastest time was THREE seconds, down a 1200mm track.


Maybe there was a period of charging before the race?

They had to be fully discharged in view of the judges, and I think the answer to a  query about sitting there charging before setting off was 'no'.

Well you were allowed to sit there and charge, but that was in your race time.

You want us to tell you how to make (we don't know) from (we don't know) to do (we don't know) - because you have no ideas yourself?
Or do you have some ideas and bits you could tell us about?