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i want to make a simple shadow theatre but not with puppets, but with people? Answered

What kind of light do i need? How can the sides be black so that the actors may hide or carry stuff?


If you can find one, an old overhead projector would give a large and uniform coverage with no hotspots or filament shadow.
You can mask the sides of the light either by placing aluminum foil on the projector table (the flat glass part where you put the transparencies usually), or by hanging opaque curtains near the sides of your screen, or just by focusing the projector very sharply and placing it in a position that leaves some dark on the sides.

for your SHADOW SCREEN.... you might try an opaque/white shower curtain available at walmart for about $3.00.  I used one to FIX a projection TV that had lost its screen. It worked excellent.  Should work perfect for your purpose also.... and they are CHEAP.

Any decent lantern will do (if you can, I would try for a "tilley" petrol lantern).

Make the edges dark by putting something between the lantern and the player to cast a shadow frame.  Maybe shine the light through a square hole in a piece of card?