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i want to make a small quadcopter an i control the quadcopter using arduino uno ? Answered

motor i am using is 16500 rpm motor  i want  to know is this motor apt  for quad copter and if arduino uno is apt for quad copter how should programme


Uno is usable but may be a bit large and heavy for the application. Smaller versions of the arduino would be better or using a stripped down Uno (micro controller chip and crystal without the added USB interface and pin headers). Listed on the right side of this page are quad copter projects. Many of which use an Arduino. As for the motors... that will depend on many factors. Start looking at as many quadcopter projects and you can to learn what you'll need to consdier when building one.


3 years ago

Load the UNO with MultiWii quadcopter firmware. Then connect all the required sensors to the UNO. In the firmware (which is an Arduino program) you will need to configure settings like how many motors you have, where the sensors are connected and other things. There are lots of tutorials online for setting up MultiWii. If you do not want to go through this you can buy the Flip 1.5 flight controller from RTFQuads (http://www.readytoflyquads.com/flip-mwc-flight-controller). It is a modified Arduino with sensors and such already on the PCB, and you can purchase it with preloaded firmware, for only $15 total.

Also, like rickharris said, FliteTest is a very good website to check out. They have episodes on building a quadcopter using the Flip 1.5 board I mentioned above, which is very similar, or identical to what you are doing.