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i want to make a taser with 20000v ..how to do that? Answered

i want to make a taser with 20000v ..how to do that?
the taser from the disposal camera has only 350v it doesn't hurt to much
so how to do that .help plz


Naw, you might kill somebody.

When did a non-projectile cattle prod/shocker gag become a "taser", anyway? I know everybody refers to these little disposable camera shockers as tasers, but they're just not. Anybody who's ever been hit with a real taser would just laugh at the very idea of comparing the two. Makes me crazy.

Sorry, just venting.

That's okay. if we just charlieplex the system and use a circuit bender with the 20Kv Taser, then all will be well.

it gets a little annoying doesn't it?  IMO, little is worse than the masses mashing established technical vernacular with gamerspeak.

Hee hee... "charlieplex".
I think I'm just having a bad day today. I get the same twitch when people mangle non-tech language too, though. Next person that says "It's a mute point" within earshot is in for a world of hurt.

No, it's "moo point."  As in, the opinion of a cow.  It's moo.  It's pointless.

What sound does a Buddhist cow make when poked with a cattle prod?

Your disposal (sic) camera has a Taser in it?!?  Doesn't that make it awfully big and bulky?  And do the wired darts come out every time you take a picture, or is there a separate trigger for them?

Automotive coil, 12V source, clocking source, fast relay.

I direct you to the related bar...

cheap taser from fly trap rocket, 1500 volts! Sounds pretty good to me...