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i want to make handcuffs (not rope) and other non-violent civil disobedience items from household stuff. suggestions??? Answered


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And if people say that cheerleading is a sport, or skateboarding is a sport, certainly committing illegal acts to communicate a prosocial message-- when sometimes the press picks it up, and thousands or even millions of people are cheering you on... I mean, come on...

So, if my colleagues are doing it for Jesus, or Ghandi, or Henry David Thoreau, the more power to them. I'm doing it for the adrenaline and the testosterone. I believe it was Dennis Leary who said that it had to be an American who invented crack cocaine, because only in America is cocaine not good enough. Well, I'm here to tell you that I'm proud to be an American, and as an American, I resist fascism-- not because it's the right thing to do-- but because, you can't get a better value for your entertainment dollar.

lots of curious folks out there...
so i'm interested in creating non-violent, implements of civil disobedience from my household because im interested in a contemporary feminist critique (and my personal one) of 21st century educational and social inequalities. i want my children to learn something fun and useful (not violent or overly radical at their tender age), because they're never too young to start thinking about what one can do to think and act critically in our society. learning, for instance, how to open a beer bottle with a piece of paper can come in handy some day, and speaks a little more honestly to what it means to ME to be a parent and a feminist in this current poolitical economy...
love the dennis leary reference, by the way...


8 years ago

 So what are you fighting?

5 Chinese Finger Traps!


8 years ago

Wire ties (Zip ties)?  Tie two together and viola, a makeshift handcuff!

Interesting to hear what for..........

Cable ties. I've seen police and security use them, they work well. I also was tied up with them as an apprentice electrician. Most amusing.

Ah, cable ties (We call them wire ties). 

lol, wonder what your "offence" was?

"Civil disobedience"-he wants to make it difficult to be arrested.

Duct tape makes an excellent restraint. Also zip ties, as others have suggested, especially the heavy-duty ones.
Another easy less-lethal item is a bean bag gun, which is just a pneumatic potato gun with a bean bag in it. Note that this is less-lethal, not non-lethal. I wouldn't fire a beanbag at a person unless I was OK with them potentially dying.

He doesn't want to shoot the cop, but make the cop shoot him.

Ah, I see. What ever happened to chaining yourself to a tree?

Chaining oneself to a tree?  That is so 1999!

Although honestly, I don't know what's in now.  It's certainly not trying to blow up Times Square with your SUV.  That  went over like a lead balloon.