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i want to make my own solar cell? Answered


do you?

Ha ha I resisted the urge to post something similar.

I understand the forced questionmark - that's ibles' fault.

Not including any details about the project or thought in question...

I feel that moderator staff should have an 'unpublish' button with a text box telling the author to smarten up.

Have a look at this;


Failing that, get a group of investors to finance your own silicon foundry and semiconductor fabrication plant - say 25 million dollars for a simple one (startup cost only). Get a good marketing / sales team together. Consider additional investment and start making intergrated circuits as a cash generating sideline. The additional income will keep the investors happy.

Seriously, it is currently beyond the resoucres of the home constructor to do this. However there has been some interesting developments in the field of paintable solar electrical panels. Google it and go check it out.