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i want to make my own transformer toy out of plastic perhaps using mold or something? Answered

Transformer toy from plastic i'd like a guide or something as to what i should do most action figures you got dont move


Well, I don't have many materials so I know a lot about making transformers out of almost nothing. There are some paper transformers craft templates that you can print out online, some even transform!
Also, there are a lot of softwares that you can download for designing things like that and then having them 3d printed. If you are looking for something inexpensive or simple, than there is a app that you can get for free called 123d design, and here is a link to an instructable about a 123d design transformer designed by M.C. Langer:


Hopefully I helped you a little bit! :)


well You could go to the Desktop Cell Phone Transformer Instructable, use it as a reference, then take a model car and make it into a transformer! I have been wanting to do this but have not gotten around to it yet. Then you can post it and have your own instructable to share! :D

Hey. Depending on what exactly you are speaking about, there is a video on metacafe that i love and i actually made it, but it is not so durable...

Take a look...

You have to make or add hinges. Some people cut them from other action figures, some make their own.