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i want to paint a sponge foam puppet Answered

i want to paint a sponge foam(i think that is the right name,is the material we put inside pillows) puppet and i dont know what kind of colors is better to use.I ve tried with oil pastel but is difficult to paint details.Does anyone have any idea?
thanks in advanced


Foam is extremely porous and as a rough surface it flexes, stretches and moves. A thick bodied acrylic paint would work. Maybe give it a primer coat first of the areas that you want to paint. Go over with the color. Don't know if your oil or solvent based paints and inks would react with the foam. A sprayer or airbrush would work nicer instead of a brush. Maybe try a paint marker or permanent ink marker to do details. Good luck.

Acrylic for sure, one with "no" solvents of any kind other then water (one of the things I learned the hard way years ago, spay painting foam and also styrofoam, made them "vanish before my eyes" because of the solvents).

Thank you very much. I am not sure if it’s better having these kind of forums and learn the easy way instead of trying and failing but it’s faster and a way to communicate with other people sharing the same experimentations and interests.Right now i appreciate your knowledge.

Believe me, if you are limited in funds (like I am), it is best to ask, or research in other ways, rather then spend time and money on several paints/inks/foams, and find out none of it works :-)

Just make sure you take pictures and put together an Ible for us to see when you are finished  ;-)  

Sorry for not answering earlier,thank you very much for your suggestions I will hopefully try it this week!!!

If you're happy with the colour of the foam as a background, marker pens and coloured pencils work for adding details.

Thank you I will definitely use markers for details but I'll rather not let the foam as it is.