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i want to read recipes from the internet in the kitchen. What do I do? Answered

 I am trying to be able to read recipes from the internet in the kitchen. I have a wireless network but don't know what to do after this point. I have an old (win 98) compaq computer in the garage that I can attach to the network. I am assuming I need some type of display or monitor on a moveable arm...
thanks for taking a look at this.


 We use a laptop that has wifi...or print the recipe.

Sounds like you have the networking all figured out, so all you would need to do is find an LCD monitor that is the right size for your available space, and attach it to a nifty arm mount, such as the ones available here. Easy-shmeezy.

If you are looking for a more DIY kind of approach, there's a monitor arm design included in this Instructable that might work for you. If you get a really small monitor, you might be able to bodge something together out of a desk lamp like this one.

I'd consider ditching the W98 operating system for Linux or a newer flavor of windows, although I suspect that you'll  have to make do with W2k. That is, if you have a copy or can find one. Linux would be the likely successor...

As RavingMad suggested, an LCD monitor is the way to go, both because they've become incredibly cheap, and because they're light and narrow, making them ideal for application in a kitchen.

One thing to be aware of is that you may or may not have to replace your video card to drive the LCD monitor correctly.