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i want to take a diesel engine 6.2L and make a generator out of it. any ideas how? Answered


Not the best motor choice as Wikipedia lists the 6.2 at 97kw @ 3600 rpm which as mentioned is a LOT, but since the 6.2 was popular military powerplant, there might be cheap kits out there and parts are probably going to be available. They also said it is a pure mechanical fuel system which is good as that will be more reliable, but I don't think they are especially fuel efficient. Most of the gensets I've seen usually want a slower RPM like 1200, but I've only seen ones available up to 15kw or so. You are going to have something like 50kw even at 1200rpm so unless you need all that power you can also run some AC or air compressors with the remaining power, but I'd suggest unless you need all that juice that you go smaller with a VW diesel, as they are known for their economy and reliability as long as the cylinders aren't too worn. The VW should be able to get you 5-10kw, so 50-100 amps of 110V which should cover most needs. I would expect the genset to be more than the motor, so make your choice carefully. Good luck, I have been meaning to do a similar project someday.


6 years ago

The engine needs to turn an AC generator at the correct RPM .

How much horsepower can 6.2 Liter diesel deliver ??
At what range of speed where the hp is delivered ??
The answer helps decide the kind of generator .

Then a speed governor and you have your idea of how..


Guess at 150 HP - 100 some kiloWatts ? That's a street sized power plant, not a home one !

1. you will need to manufacture an engine mount embedded in concrete to keep the engine/generator stable.

2. Work out how much electricity you need to generate and add a bit to future proof the system.

3. Buy a generator that is a suitable match for the engine - Talk to the supplier

4. Mount together with a flexibly universal joint to take up any miss alignments.

NOTE 1 Quite a lot of commercial generators here in the UK are made without a front bearing - They rely on the motor bearing to provide the alignment. so be sure of what you need and are getting

Note 2. Have you costed the price of fuel against the cost of electricity? Fuel prices are going up.