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i want to wire about 60 red leds together. how would i do this. what power source would be best? its going 2 b two words Answered

i want to make a sign using about 60 leds. it will be two words and i want to know how to wire them together and what would be the best power source. it will only need to be lit for about 10 min max so i would like to use batteries. how do i do this? anything will help



There is an instructable on doing this... It's not the prettiest wiring, but its the cheapest fastest way to make a light up sign (you can skip the flasher part if it doesnt make sense. I'd recommend more than a 9v battery...simply because they suck for power density and cost. Get a good AA battery holder and you'll be set. Lighting tonnes of leds means you want a higher voltage to start, so you can have fewer, longer strands (simpler wiring). https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Ultimate-Sports-Fan-Sign/

I've made this sign, all you need is an on-off switch (or to disconnect the battery). 9Vs are perfect, they leave 3 or 4 lights per strand depending on the LEDs. If you watch the video in the intro step, kipkay also used 9Vs.

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Agreed 9 volt batteries WORK, but they are not ideal for cost and power density.