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i was wondering were i could buy picaxe in india ..cause im from india ?or can some one tell me how to make 1if possible Answered



www.hobby2go.com is a good start for PICAXE in India. But they are very expensive(double or triple the normal Indian rates) . However for PICAXE they r the only source in India.

Hi i am also from India.I have done a lot of search in net to find Picaxe in India but i can'nt but my search end with some intersting site of India
I am also going to buy picaxe in few days.I decided to purchase it from ""
, "http://www.solarbotics.com/" ,"http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/categories.php?c=125" .I am searching which one has better service.I think Techsupplies.co.uk because it also support FedEx which has in Kolkata.I live in Dhanbad so i can go by train and can pick up my picaxe.
Finally i will suggest you to purchase from techsupplies not bcz FedEx but bcz it has lowest price And i you might got you finger in any India site which supplies Picaxe then plz inform me also i will be very thankfull to you.