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i wish to change my screen name to one that will make everyone slobber all over themselves with envy how do i do this? Answered

ive tried to change my screen name to not be my god given one but i cannot get it to reach a spot that allows me to do so in instructables


thank you for such a fast response ill follow the sites recomended steps

Type in name database. Or maybe screen-name database. There's plenty of those out there. Also, how does this question belong in the outdoors section? That makes no kind of sense.

the request was aimed at changeing my current username seen at instructables i chose the outdoor section only because it is one of my favorites locations on this site there was no other reason but felt that like minded people would give me answers that i would enjoy i am also fairly new to this place an not entirely familiar with all of its pages so sticking with what i am comfortable with was my best course of action thank you for your response soon to be known as icantsleep