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i would like to build a small simple synthesizer using 555 chips if possible. any oe haeve ideas or help? Answered

i have a few 555 timers and  have always wanted to build a sythesizer but i just don't know where to start. i have seen the optical theremin and  the 555 metronome. i could add a pot instead of the photo transistor, and maybe connect the out put from the theremin to the metronome  i would like some thing more like this ,http://hackaday.com/2009/08/28/xr-noise-box/ . i would like to kow if it is possible with 555 timers.


the slider synth is a great one to get started it is realy easy and you can controll it with a photo cell try it type 555 slider synth on youtube

Just posted how to make a synth that uses a pot and push buttons. I hope it is what you are looking for. here is a link address.

i had a theory, if you wanted a keyboard synth, u just need as much 555's as you need some wires, potentiometers or other variable resistors, experiment with the wiring and tune using potentiometers, or if you want just a bleep box, a switch a potentiometer and a speaker again, experiment with the wiring , i don't want to go into great detail but i hope this helps


8 years ago

thanks  all these replies are very helpful, i found the schematics for the one on hackaday, i just need to find the courage to pull it off, and money of course.

 Google "555 music synthesizer."  Check out 

The author uses two 555 timer circuits with pots.  You could start with just one.  

You can switch out the pot for the photo transistor.  Use a pot that has a resistance in the range of that of the transistor or larger.

To duplicate the hackaday using 555's would be difficult.  The chip used in the project generates the different shape waves on command and in the freq's. on command.  To do that with 555's would take a lot more parts.  Doable but it will be complicated.  THe part is only $4.50.  You'll spend more that that just in extra parts if you try to do it with 555's.