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i would like to know how to get free GOOD stuff Answered

stuff like flash drives, computer parts, headphones, joysticks, mice (For computers) keyboards, gamepads, XBOX 360 controllers, etc...



Best Answer 6 years ago

  • Start a successful technology magazine or popular blog, and manufacturers will send you such things for review.
  • Become a successful movie producer, and get your people to arrange free items for product placement deals.
  • Put such items on your birthday/Christmas/wedding present lists.
  • Do not expect to find some website that will magically send you these items for no reason other than you asked for them.

6 years ago

Promote yourself as a ............ oh you don't give best answers to we who help

i don"t give best answers QUICKLY because i like to keep the thread open, to see if i find better answers posted on it. it would be a shame to pick a best answer, but miss out the more helpful advice, and risk damaging a project, or hurting yourself, now wouldn't it?

OK, but quick in my lifetime please and is a month enough for threading :-)

Promote yourself as a behind scenes product safety reviewer.
You need some proofs and the vocabulary of investigation.
Do it well and companies will scramble to feed your desires
and will understand that you probably be unable to return anything.

But I Really like a town where you blog your wants, like emilygracedavis says
and somebody gives you a TV.


your answer was good iceng, (Once you got around to giving it) but Kiteman gave a similar answer first, without any protest, so the best answer goes to him for speedy, non-resistive reply

I have had a lot of success getting exact items I wanted for free using freecycle.org. It allows you to post for items you want and to see items others have posted for free in your community. I have gotten great bookshelves, TVs, mirrors, video games, a sewing machine, kitchen utensils, and all sorts of other things on freecycle (as well as given away a bunch of great stuff). It is all based around your location (like craigslist), but everything is free. You simply post what you want, wait for someone to email you, and go and pick up your free stuff!

Very true! I think freecycle tends to gather the type of person who gives lots of stuff away. When I lived in Colorado I used it often, and now that I live in Florida (which is less generous) it does take more time on freecycle to find what I need. But if you have time ti wait, someone usually has great stuff they don't need anymore that they are willing to part with!

Frecycle ROCKS here in Phoenix. With 4 million fish in the pond I guess your odds are better. You can even localize your search by area here. I love this option because I only go get free stuff I can bring back on my bike and trailer..... I have to keep myself in check!

I am a Czech ! ! Let me visit your family :-)
Just Kidding I already have a fully loaded two story barn.

yes, unfortunately, the freecycle closest to me does not have a lot, if any electronics, thank's for he advice tho.

PS: i already looked on freecycle, and therefore already knew that it had nothing to offer in my area

Have you considered Theft?

Of course there are certain moral and legal problems associated with Theft. 

A more moral way to get such objects is via Dumpster Diving.

Of course the problem with dumpster diving is that often the things people throw away are broken in some way, and thus need to be repaired.  If you are skilled at fixing, or re-purposing,  broken things, the Dumpster can indeed be a fountain of material wealth.

But remember:  The Dumpster giveth and the dumpster also taketh away.  I think that was in Ecclesiastes, but I forget which chapter.