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i would love to help Answered

I am an inovative 16 year old that is looking to learn by doing, i enjoy making things immensely. What i love more than making is innovating, and what i love more than innovating is designing, and what i love more than designing is creating a new idea.

I am currently just trying to get expierence i would love to help people with their prospective projects whether that be strictly intellectual help over the internet or helping someone in the Boise Idaho are make something or complete a project ect. . .

I believe that everyone could use help and if you are someone who needs help talk to me i love helping . 

I would love to get an internship in anything hands on and innovative that would be great. 

I am an unconventional thinker with an IQ of 142 and an extremely different way of looking at things i can help you quickly and in creative ways that could possibly innovate or even make a breakthrough  

visit my blog yurspot.blogspot.com to see my truly diverse ideas and "weird" sense

thanks for your time



hey i wud lyk to seek help from u........
i m planning to make something very interesting
being of the same age group as of urs i think v can b gud partners
gv me a msg if u r interested :D

Welcome to Instructables!

If you're interested, we have a Volunteer Group here, and you are more than welcome to add yourself to it (which lets other members know that you are willing and able to provide assistance).