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iBook Overheating? Answered

I've made a post on apple's forums and bumped it several times and no one wants to help me, I still haven't gotten one single reply and it's been almost a week. Anyways, I recently pulled it apart and took the heatsink off and put thermalpaste on the cpu and removed the thermal pad which was getting worn out by the looks of it. But now it runs rather hot, I'm not sure if it's always ran this hot or not as I was stupid and didn't look before it was apart. But it runs around 50-60 C idle with just msn on and up to 70 C when I play games. I'm really worried about this. Theres two adjustable nuts by the cpu and I thought I tightened it enough, should I just tighten it until it won't anymore? Thank you everyone that helps me. I know this isn't a computer forum, but I'm sick of waiting when I can see post after post being made and answered in the same forum I have mine in. Apples suck, yes they do


For one, it's running hotter after I've modified it, so no there isn't an issue before hand. Second, yes I googled it. Third, the software to change the fan settings are only avalible for macbooks.

IMO, you shouldn't have removed the pad. Adding a slight amount of paste would have been sufficient. Since the pad's been removed, the damage has already been done. Yes, if you can tighten the heatsink slightly you should be able to improve the cooling. Number 1; Don't use more paste than needed to cover the little metal plate on top of the CPU. Number 2; Don't over tighten! You could actually break the ceramic supporting the chip. You want a very good physical connection. You shouldn't need to modify the fan controls if you can get a good tight connection again.

Ha ha, I'm not a noob man. I just don't know why I'm not getting very good cooling. And I took the pad off because it was in poor condition and I plan on getting some artic silver down the road. I know that you use a small amount, I may have used a little too much, but I can check since I'll be pulling it apart anyways. And as far as tightening it too much, I didn't put the two nuts on to to the point where it was hard to turn, I just put them on to the point where the bolt started to come to the top. I guess I should just put it on all the way, and I'm pretty sure you won't break the ceramic surrounding it unless you tigthened it with a power drill and just layed the drill on it. But chances are It's just not tight enough. Unfortunatly, I need to get a new hex key to get it open >_<. Seems kinda ironic as I was actually panicing to find a working screwdriver to put it all back together.

Sorry... I tend to try to answer all forum posts as if I were addressing a "noob." This isn't disrespect, but knowledge that all sorts are reading the answer and it's best to be as clear as possible, as if the reader knows nothing. This will avoid a list of additional questions from the noobs.

Hey, no problem man. I know how you feel as there tends to be a few too many no...err "under-knowledged" people out there as far as computers. Anywho, I appreciate the help, and when I can get a hex key and open it up once more, I'm going to tighten it up some more, I'll let you know how it goes after. Thanks.


11 years ago

Maybe you didn't get response because it is a well known issue and infos about ibook overheating are all over the net (just google on it). On the other hand - I would tightn the bolts too tight. If I remember correctly there was an info about changing the temperature when fans start running - check that also.