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iHome ID3 speaker repairable? Answered

Hi, I need some help with a speaker I tried repairing last summer. It's the left speaker of a fairly new iHome ID3 which was purchased by management for my workplace as a gift for me and my coworkers to enjoy. Well, it got moved around a lot and eventually someone dropped it. Once we realized the left speaker wasn't working I took it apart for a closer look and discovered the center of the left speaker had popped out, but still appeared intact. I thought it would be simple, I just sanded and glued it back in place, then re-soldered it. However, there is now a problem that has become progressively worse. When playing music the lower frequencies cause a 'farting' sound similar to if the diaphragm were damaged, but that part appears intact. Also, when I touch the speaker diaphragm while music is playing the damaged speaker is vibrating only half as much as the fully functioning speaker. Can anyone please help me fix this or diagnose the problem?


Nah, they're too cheap to pay for a new speaker. Oh well, teens unintentionally roughing things up is nothing new around here, haha.

You would be better off replacing the speaker.