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iMac Flat Screen nod to lcd monitor ? Answered

Hi all honored members,
I got imac G5 17: and iMac G5 isight 20" that burnt down logic board and powersupply.
I believe the lcd still in good condition.

So if anybody can enlighten me with the steps to make those 2 "paper weight" become a useful LCD monitor, I will be very thankful.

I come across article about doing that for iMac 17" but it was written in France and really not a clear step by step guide like I use to see in here for idiot like me.

Looking forward for help from you all honored members to make a good use for my beloved old iMacs.




8 years ago

You might be able to fix one or both of them.  Check out www.ifixit.com and see if they have the parts you need.