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iOS6 logging out issues.? Answered

I do a lot of my casual browsing on my iPod.

However, since "upgrading" to iOS6, I seem to get logged out a lot. Not just here, but email pages, other forums, even Skype - if I spend too long off a page, or not actually on a Skype conversation, then I get logged out.

Anybody know how to fix this?


Did the update reset the cache/cookie settings? Are these just web sites or individual apps?

It could be that the new OS has changed how it manages background apps and is killing them sooner and/or clearing data when it kills them. If the Google doesn't come up with someone else with the problem then right now you're probably stuck digging around in the options. I assume rolling back to 5 isn't an option?

Skype is an app, but it mainly affects web pages (my G+ and Gmail apps are not affected).

I can't see anything different in my settings...?

Hmm. Have you tried a different browser? (I'm not an iOS user so I'm not sure if that is possible.)

I found some information that may explain why you are getting logged out...
(How to fix this, will depend on which problem it is).

1. Browser issue: It seems that with iOS 6 and the built in Google search box, traffic is being routed as "direct traffic" versus being passed with your "referral" info. I suspect that this anonymity may not be passing your login cookie info and is therefore giving sites the impression you are not logged in and prompting you to do so.

2. iOS 6 changed your settings: You may be seeing more cached pages versus the current versions, (and simply clearing cookies and history doesn't fix this). There is however a fix noted on the linked page.

3. WiFi issue: Many are reporting issues connecting to WiFi, but some are merely having problems staying connected. Try the fix noted here (as people report that this fix works).

You may also want to read this (in case it becomes an issue).

If its none of these, let me know (but I'll need more info from you). :-)