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iPad case with keyboard Answered

I’m looking for an iPad case with keyboard and specifically one that can take intensive typing. I gotta work on the road quite a lot and am not carrying my laptop everywhere. Came across the Typad, which is kinda what I’m looking for, only that it’s over 120 dollars. Another case is the ZAGGmate which is cheaper, but I haven’t found any satisfying reviews. Anyone has recommendations or experience with these keyboard cases?



Looks like you can get a wireless bluetooth enabled keyboard for Apple and use it. If you are doing serious typing, I would go with a full size keyboard and just get some kind of easel/stand for your ipad. I know the smaller netbook sized keyboards drive me nuts.

ThinkGeek sell one, I can't remember how much, though.

If I were you, I’d opt for a separate keyboard instead of one attached to a case. If you got a lot of typing to do, I think a separate keyboard might be sturdier.