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iPhone 3G - Anyone getting one?? Answered

The new iPhone was released yesterday and is available for purchase on July 11th, is anyone here going to get one or considering getting one?? This one is alot cheaper so im going to take the plunge and buy one :D


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10 years ago

Don't want one, or even need one. =D

Yeah, reading the review about them, they still don't have MMS. I don't want it. Pass!

mms, thats multi media messaging right? why dont you use email on the iPhone, you can attach pictures or anything else

MMs is Multimediamedia messaging, yes. But MMS is easier and simpler than using email. Plus, it doesn't cost nearly as much as it does to connect to the net to send an email.

a developer has made a free app that lets you MMS

but on the iPhone you get unlimited internet so it would be free thus cheaper than normal mms

oh ok, well im in uk so i would be with 02 not AT&T; like whatsisface

Apple brand Sucks. I mean, just look at the Mac.

Whats wrong with the mac?? I have an iMac G5 which is 3 years old, it still runs fast and i have NEVER had a single problem, no viruses nothing and best of all no Blue-screen oh yean and its been running for 1 year straight now because i dont turn it off, 1 year of constant running and use is pretty reliable if you ask me :P

You have to download things you wouldn't have to download on a PC, NO RIGHT CLICK, and we have macs in my school, and it seems like there's constantly a problem.

what do you have to download?? ive never had to do that. and you can have right-click if you get the mighty mouse or ues ctrl+click or use a PC mouse that costs less than $3, on school systems there are alot of connected machines and with every computer you add the chance of trouble multiplies

NO, stupid apple hijacks your music and won't let you move it once you put it on there. I'll never buy a device that dosen't allow me full control over my music!

You can get your music back off an ipod using Sharepod. Pity apple didn't allow this themselves though.

are you talking about DRM protected music ? because you can buy non DRM protected music from the apple store, and iff you rip music off a cd or elsewhere you have full control and you can do whatever with it


10 years ago

heck yea 200 bucks dude I am going to jail break it and put skype on it :P

Is it 200 bucks with or without 2 year contract?

$199 for the iPhone you pay monthly for the contract

So the phone's 200 dollars, minus the 2year contract discount?

lol you go to the store and buy the phone for $199 then you "activate" it by signing up to an AT&T; 2 year contract and every month you pay AT&T; for the contract

Yeah, so the phone is much more. You get a deal, a discount, if you buy the phone with a 2 year contract. The phone, the actual iPhone is probably around 400 dollars or more. When you.
  • But it through ATT
  • Get a 2 year contract
they give you a discount.

Next time you're in a phone store, check out the price thing. They usually say something like 99.99 with 2 year contract. Look at the actual price.

but you cant buy the phone without the contract

ok you buy the phone for $199 then your supposed to activate it in the store, you can however choose not to do this but after 30 days you get a fine which bumps the price up quite a bit more so then you have an expensive phone which you cant use unless you wait for the new jailbreak to come out then jailbreak it, BUT apple says there cracking down on this and they will try as hard as possible to "brick" your iPhone if you do do this.

Maybe with the iphone, but with mostly every other phone you can buy it, no activating or anything else. When you do it with the 2year contract, it is cheaper because ATT gives you a discount when you buy it with the 2year.

yes! thats right , what you saying happens with nearly all contract phones but it dosent happen with the iPhone.

And that's why I don't want the iPhone. Because it's a holier-that-thou phone.