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iPhone 3GS clip on 100 LED floodlight/flash type thing Answered

As many iPhone users will know the camera is useless in low light, the other night I experimented with a 2 white led torch and with 28 IR leds that are in my night vision cctv camera, the results were reasonable with the 2 white led light.

What I want to make is this.....
100 x 15,000 mcd white LED (10 x 10 or 5 X 20 formation ) running from a 1200Mah Nokia BL5-F battery sandwiched between a clear hard-case and another clip on case with a push to make button on what would be the top right corner when when used in landscape mode.

The ones I'm looking at consume 25Mah at 3-3.5V, for power I want to use an after-market nokia N95 BL-5F 3.7V Li ion 1200Mah, I think when they are all lit they will draw 2000Mah but as they would only be lit for about 3 seconds a time so this should not stress the battery too badly and last long enoughfor a night out. 

I've posted this because I would have just ran them all in series but I have heard there need to be special regulators or something.

How can I make this?
Can I just run 100 25Mah LEDs in series?
Would I need two batteries in series and maybe running 5 sets of 20 with a regulator each?
Is 1,500,000Mcd too much?
Should I use less LEDs of the same rating?
Should I use the same 100 with less Mcd?

Any help is greatley welcome and of course there there will be a full instructable with credit to all who helped with information.

Thanks WelshDave. 



8 years ago

Do a search on the term "charlieplexing".  You will find instructables to configure arrays and matrices of LEDs.  Good luck.