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iPod crash question? Answered

Roger-X's iPod Touch appears to have crashed.

He was watching a programme via the BBC iPlayer app and turned the iPod over 180°.

The picture started to rotate as expected, got to about 45°, then froze for about 30 seconds.

After that, the screen switched to a pale-white glowing screen with no image or text.

It is not responding to the home button or the main power button, plugging it into our PC gets no response (the PC does not register its existence, either) and, of course, the local Apple store closed 10 minutes before it broke.

Any ideas for a fix, folks?



It turned out, though, that the solution was "leave it until the battery dies and then switch it back on without telling your dad" was the correct solution.

You're welcome.

Funny enough, in the first link, someone suggested draining the battery... (they just didn't suggest the "without telling your dad" part). ;)

In case the BBC app was installed a while ago, there is an update (Jan 2012), that has a fix for the crash. (Unfortunately, it'll happen again if you don't update).

Here's a link to the app.


6 years ago

In case your interested this just went up on NewEgg's site. I said I paid 36 for mine, well here is the same one for only 32.

Pretty good deal.

Maybe I should get another back up one in case I drop mine in the toilet.

Well... If you dont mind restoring it than you could put into dfu mode (see guide here). DFU mode is like a dedicated restore mode so if a device is in DFU mode and is then connected to a computer you will get a message (if iTunes is open) about an ipod being detected in restore mode.


6 years ago

So, your apple has worms, >raspberry<
Ask yourself, what would Steve Jobs do?
Send it back to China for the factory to refurbish it.
It needs an iFix.
Maybe there is an app for that. When I was in collage an app was the shortened name of an Appaloosa horse.
It's always disappointing when our toys break. One would think that we would get used to it. When it was goldfish we would just flush the defective ones down the toilet. Now we have to take them in to special recycling places because they are to toxic to throw away.
Yep, can't just flush them anymore.
I have been getting Sansa Fuse players. I now have 4 of them because none of them have broken but the new ones have been so cheap I haven't been able to resist upgrading. I got my latest one (refurbished) for $36.00 with free shipping. Someone else broke it but the Chinese factory fixed it. Sorry I can't help fix your toy, it's one that is not in area of expertise. But its fun talking about it anyway.
Enjoy the App pictures. If you ever have a broken App, or any of the other varieties of that toy I can help you fix those. Just remember though you can't flush them either. Those you have to barbecue.

Take the battery out to reset it? :p

Have you tried holding the power button on the top down for at least 10 seconds?

First thing I tried.

No joy.


6 years ago

Sounds like either a bug in the app or a virus. Take it to the Apple store and have them look at it.