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iPod nano 1st gen built in speaker Answered

Anyone add a built in speaker to an ipod nano 1st gen? Pop off the back. Cut a hole for a speaker. Do some wiring to connect the speaker?


My thought was maybe an old cell phone's speakerphone? Some how cut a small hole. Not sure how to connect it inside? Anyone taken apart a ipod 1gen? and messed with the internals?

ive replaced a few parts in my nano first gen their is no space for a speaker inside of it unless its the size on the peizo itself

I'm thinking that it would just involve a software mod. First gen nanos already have an onboard speaker for the clicker, so if you can get/make a softmod to play music through the speaker (possibly take a code patch out of the ipod touch software since it can play music through the onboard speaker), then you should be set.

 they already have piezos
been thinking about the wiring for a while for my 1st gen ipod touch but they do already have one for the clicker and it would be loud enough

what about the usb connector? put a speaker in that

the buzzer from an old mobile phone :) it is ultra loud and built to be directed out thru small holes but think how much dust will enter and how complex it'll be to take it out

My second gen iTouch has an internal speaker and no holes, and it sounds a bit rubbish, but when you put it on a big table it improves.

my untitled chinese player has 1/2 inch very thin speaker (normal electromagnetic one with hard plastic cone). its placed behind a net in which the holes take up most of the area its not very high quality and completely lacks frequencies from bass up to low mid (imagne equalizer with all bands below 1 KHz at 0) putting on table makes it more equalized but i still like it more when in the air

headphones speakers can be thin. some may be loud enough t be heard outside crystal speaker (looks like flat thin copper disk) is very compact and uses little power but may make some strange sounds test the loudness and quality of speaker by plugging into headphones entry from outside before you choose it you need to have a return entry in the headphones socket. this way the speaker disconnects when you plug in real headphones you may like to use the extra space for larger battery instead

I wouldn't think there's that much room inside one, speakers can be pretty thick.

Bump up. If anyone has thoughts.