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iPod touch 4g (badly damaged) screen repair Answered

Ok, I recently bought an iPod touch 4g and really love it. Now my brother really wants one but doesn't have enough money to get one. Sooooo, yesterday he found one laying, screen smashed, 2 inches underwater in a stream. He begged me to charge it so finally I let him use my old charger. We plugged it in and I almost screamed when it actually started charging. Naturally my brother freaked out but when we tried to unlock it, it turned out the screen was too shattered to completely slide the unlock slider. My brother has $14:00. So now I wanna know if I can fix the screen enough to actually use the iPod. Plz help? Sorry I can't include a pic of the iPod right now.


That helps a lot thank you. I did let the iPod dry out and I think a LCD and gorilla glass replacement would be the only way to go.

A touch screen digitizer replacement with tools can be found for about $9 or so. But if the LCD itself is smashed you'll have to by a replacement for that as well. An LCD and digitizer will run about $30 or more but you'll have to get it through ebay.

If you dried the phone out well before charging it, there's a vague chance it might work properly, but you'll have to buy and fit a new screen, it cannot be repaired.