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iPod touch glitch Answered

Hi, I was wondring what is wrong with a ipod touch 4g that suffered minor impact trama (no cracks on lcd or screen). When you press the lock button, the screen turns on, but it has a lot of white thin lines going down it and the picture looks distorted. You can unlock it, but it still has the lines and the screen is still distorted. Can you tell me the physical problem and solution please?



Best Answer 5 years ago

The lcd while it looks undamaged...is damaged.
It might be a lucky "needs the connector pushed back in more tightly" - but its more likely "needs a new screen".

I really like these guides by icracked

You don't have to buy the replacement parts from them, but they are reputable. Worst case, see if you can take it apart (gently) to try re-seating all the connections. If that doesn't work, time for a new lcd.

Do I have to replace the digitizer too, or can I separate the lcd easily?

digitizer lcd come as one unit on an ipod touch - they are glued together at the factory. You can buy them separately, but they are a nightmare/impossible to fit properly. Just get the entire front unit - the digitizer glass is only worth a few dollars - the lcd is the expensive part.